Success Stories


"I'm 63 years old. I have been working as a domestic helper for as long as I can remember. I have to work every day to feed my family. For the past few years, I've had vision-related issues but didn't think it was serious. About 15 days ago, a neighbor of mine told me about a free eye-screening camp in our neighborhood. The eye doctor there told me that I have a cataract and I should be operated at the earliest. I was also informed that the surgery will be done free of cost for poor people and well, here I am now, thanks to Project Drishti operated, fed and at ease. I am looking forward to my restored vision!"


"Am not aware of my age. Don't know to read or write. Husband passed away when my son was barely a year old. Raised him by working as a daily wager. Even he passed away a few years back. My poor vision had crippled my movement completely last year. I had to live on alms given by well-wishers. Thanks to Project Drishti, my vision is restored and I will easily be able to do 'Coolie Kelasa' ."


"I'm 56 years old. I work as a clerk in a scrap unit. A neighbor mentioned about a free eye-screening camp. Given my age, I thought I had regular vision issues and decided to attend the camp. At the camp, I was informed that I had a cataract and a surgery was advisable. I went ahead with the surgery, which was done at no cost to me. I am really appreciative of the kind donors and the doctors for their services. I can go back to work in no time and not worry about my vision for a few years to come. "

"For the past three years, my distance vision has been consistently deteriorating. My growing inabilities were often being referred to as a haughty person. I attended a free eye camp organised by Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Educational and Cultural Trust, Bangalore at the Jain School campus on Kanakapura road. After conducting eye-tests, they provided me with free spectacles. I can gladly say that in less than an hour I feel my vision has been better than what it has been for a long time now. "


"I think I am about do years old. Since the time I have known about my existence, I have been working. As a young girl, I started as a maid, now I am a vegetable vendor. My life goes on and I have no complaints. I overheard an announcement about an eye-screening camp and I just went. I wore spectacles for a few years, but of late it was not of much use. I now know why. Not only was the surgery conducted free of cost, but I was also provided with food and transportation. "


"I work as a daily wage labourer doing odd jobs supporting my family. There came a day when I could barely see a mere 10 feet. Not only was I terrified of being operated upon, but I also had no means of accumulating the necessary finances for the surgery. I came across a free eye - screening camp and a potential free surgery for the needy people in my hometown. When visited I was told that I would need a cataract surgery at the earliest to ensure there was no vision loss. I agreed as my vision was really bad and I could feel it worsening. On the day of the surgery, I was quite scared, but when I was told that the operation was over, I felt at ease not realizing the pain at all. I feel I now have the sight I had 20 years ago. I can see clearly kilometres away and I can drive at ease. "