Project Drishti at Chikkaballapura

Project Drishti has been meeting the health and quality of life needs of the local communities for over 17 years since it was founded in 2001. We are pleased to share with you that we are now expanding our scope of services beyond vision care to general health in Chikkaballapura.

Chikkaballapura is about 60 km from Bangalore and is significantly drought-prone and economically backward district. At present, in Chikkaballapura, there is a limited access to healthcare facilities including the low availability of doctors, and medical services, shortage of medicines & surgical items, and a poor outreach and referral services.

With our new project in Chikkaballapura town, we envision to create a modern affordable general hospital with a special focus on the health of women and children at the forefront of the development agenda as investing in their health is not only right thing to do, but it is also critical for a stable, peaceful and productive Society.

The main focus will be on preventive diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and malnutrition by conducting preventive care programmes on the line of Chinese foot doctors who will go from village to village by promoting the importance os early diagnosis and treatment. These foot doctors will be from the health enthusiasts from the local villages. A comprehensive training program and a basic health supplies kit will be provided to them. This way we will be able to create a battery of passionate rural health workers who will facilitate positive health related changes in their communities.

Project Drishti dedicates resources to improve the health and quality of life for the communities it serves, with special emphasis on the needs of the economically poor and underserved. The aim is to develop a sustainable and viable rural healthcare delivery model by standardization of processes, following a protocol-driven approach and developing a complete ecosystem by integrating with the rural community.