Our Outreach

Amongst common eye diseases, Project Drishti specifically
aims to address cataract and childhood blindness.
We have undertaken several initiatives to deliver quality eye
care services to the poorest of the poor across
rural and urban India.


Free Eye screening and operation Camps

In its mission of ‘vision for all’ , Project Drishti conducts eye screening camps regularly. On an average, about 15 -20 camps a month are organized in association with Government hospitals, NGO partners and our Donors in urban slums, rural areas and other geographical regions with limited access to medical services. Project Drishti team consists of Ophthalmologists, refractionists, and paramedical staff. The specialised & well trained team examine the people participating in these camps. The process includes eye screening with basic required instruments and equipment . It involves dilation and fundus examination. Those who do not need surgeries are provided with eye glasses free of cost and/ or medicines as per the need.

People who need cataract surgery are counseled . Arrangements are made to take them to Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital, Bangalore or to Manasa Drishti Eye Care, Gauribidanur. Patients are provided with free food, accommodation, transportation and, medicines sponsored by partner organizations, donors and well-wishers. Almost all cataract surgeries are sutureless and with IOL (Intra Ocular Lenses) implantation and post - operative care is also ensured to complete the loop.

Mega eye camps

Project Drishti also has walked the extra mile in participating in larger eye screening camps (numbering with patients above 1000) which are often supported by our benevolent donors. These are conducted periodically at places of regions of their choice. Most often their hometowns or villages or slums adopted under our Donor welfare programs. Similar to the regular eye screening camps, these camps include screening, operation and distribution of eyeglasses.



Focused group camps

Project Drishti also conducts eye screening camps for people with special care and needs. These focused groups include homeless people, incarcerated men and, women, differently abled and lepers.

Surana Drishti Eye Bank

This was launched in 2009. Since inception, we have received eyes from over 300 donors. The objective of this initiative is to play the role of a catalyst and bridge the gap between the donor families and the needy.



Critical eye care services

To cater to our objective of ‘right to sight for all,’ Project Drishti addresses other critical eye diseases and provides treatment to patients at a subsidised cost.

Childhood blindness control program

For the prevention of childhood blindness, Project Drishti screens infants as young as 10 days and when required, counselling is provided to parents regarding the condition & steps needed further.



Vision screening camps at schools

School-age children constitute a particularly vulnerable group where uncorrected refractive errors may have a dramatic impact on learning capability and educational potential. To address this we conduct eye screening camps regularly at government and low-income schools.

Professional training and guidance in quality eye care is provided at our center.

Till date over 350 trainees from 35 countries have been trained in the small incision cataract surgeries. 200 Ophthalmologists have also undergone Phacoemulsification training (Advanced Cataract Surgery) from UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Japan, Azerbaijan among other countries.